9 thoughts on “Peace Haiku

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  3. This is lovely, and the artwork too. Owls are very special to me, and the only ornament I allow to collect (am not really into possessions but a couple of family members have taken up finding me special owls, but I’ll have to kindly ask them to stop soon). Thank you for sharing this lovely Haiku, about the wise and peaceful owl.


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  5. Wow, this is powerful. I remember seeing a film called, “I heard the owl call my name” as a kid. Owls resonate with me for some reason. I love the idea of an owl being a model for peace and mindfulness. Thank you for this beautiful poem, Jennifer.


    • Thank you! I’ve always loved owls an am glad you enjoyed the haiku! I’m just a newbie at this blogging adventure. Loving it … but very new nonetheless! Love the idea of Bloggers for Peace, btw. All the best — Jen


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