Once upon a time /
penn just meant hill, nothing more. /
Words seem to evolve. /
My county, Franklin, common. /
We’re sunk if it turns obscene! //


Pronunciation. /
It’s “wine-er”, you see. //

Weiner, AR, US.  Wikipedia.

Weiner, AR, US. Wikipedia.


“Oh, you’re a mayor?” /
“Yes, sir, I’m mayor of Titz.” /
“You’re such an old dog!” //

Titz, Germany, town center.  Wikipedia.

Titz, Germany, town center. Wikipedia.





Wikipedia says that the town name “is a compound word formed from the Welsh Celtic roots penn, meaning “end” or “head” or “hill” …  and is meaning “below”; with the suffix ton, meaning “enclosure” or “estate”…. Records of the name as Penstun (1143) and Penstone (n.d.) prove the second element is Old English tūn (instead of Old English stān, meaning “stone”, as might be suggested). Thus the name Penistone means “The town below the hill”.

And there you have it.

Wikipedia also says that the “Penistone Paramount” is important because it “is also home to one of the few working theatre organs in the country”.

It’s weird how language evolves, and how innocent words become loaded with meanings that they didn’t initially carry.  I live in Franklin County …. what if the word “Franklin” eventually gets a bad connotation?   I mean, “shagging” was a baseball term … and now …..well!  We’ll eventually end up with, basically, the equivalent of Shagging County, Shagging Tennessee, and so on.  Yikes!



Weiner is the home of the Arkansas Rice Festival.  There is no explanation for the town name on Wikipedia or the town’s web site.

This photo is not representative of the town (but I do like it).

Abandoned car in Weiner Arkansas.  Wikipedia.

Abandoned car in Weiner Arkansas. Wikipedia.



I can’t figure out how the town got its name, but there are many famous, historical German Titzes.  This particular town of Titz is both a town and a community of 16 districts.  One district in Titz is named “Hell”.  Go figure.

Titz, Germany.  Windmill.  Wikipedia.

Titz, Germany. Windmill. Wikipedia.

I bet the witches’ … um … bosoms … get pretty cold here.


12 thoughts on “Body Parts: Penistone, Weiner, Titz

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  2. ok i was going to say something about weiner and titz but I’m not. You do come up with some interesting stuff.


    • Feeling about 80% better … thank goodness!

      There are a lot of sites online that list “worst place names ever” … but I’m going to reveal a “worst place names” site that is awesome … I wish I’d found it from the very beginning! Oh well.


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