bee on sedum near 2

Wagging in the afternoon – /
skating in the pink – /
black and golden fuzzy threads /
dress our girls who drink. /

Waxy sedum: opportune /
place for bees to sink.  /
Watching buzzing flower beds – /
tired, my sore eyes wink.  //

bee on sedum medium

The bees love the sedum that grows in the backyard.  Truthfully, I never liked this plant until I moved to our new house and saw how much the bees love to work in it.

For the next two weeks (at least) we’ll need to walk *around* these plants, avoiding the little sidewalk that goes between the sedum and the second, nearby flowerbed.  So many bees!  Big bees, little bees, black bees, yellow bees.  Very much like a Doctor Seuss book!   (One bee, two bees, mad bees, sting bees.)

bee on sedum far

Want to know what kind of bees you have?  Check here.   I think my bee is the Bombus impatiens.

This poem is an example of the 7/5 Trochee.  The 7/5 Trochee was created by Andrea Dietrich.  It consists of 2 or more stanzas with a syllable count of 7/5/7/5.  The rhyme is a/b/c/b or a/b/a/b.   The meter is trochaic; that means there are alternating stressed and unstressed beats in each line.   Each line will begin AND end with a stressed syllable.

I find this to be a fun little form to play with!


18 thoughts on “Our Girls Who Drink

  1. In the post that led me here you describe this poem as “a bit silly, perhaps” but really “Wagging in the afternoon / skating in the pink” is a great way to capture the bee’s movement.

    And I also love the phrase “our girls who drink.” It’s always so enjoyable to read another instance of your affinity for the little critters 🙂


    • Thanks so much 🙂
      They’re amazing to watch, aren’t they? And darn hard to describe too — skating on pink ice just sort of came to mind. Guess the poem isn’t so much “silly” as “lighthearted”. I feel happy after watching them.
      I’m glad you liked it 😀


      • They certainly are fascinating to watch. I get quite a lot of bees. I’ve also been watching dragonflies lately (who I see get a mention in your latest post) – from the ground they’re hard to follow because they move too fast and stay quite high but from my bedroom window you can watch them whizzing by on patrol…


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  4. this is beeeeautiful:) i personally think the fuzzy bees are the cutest. i just really want to pet their fuzzy little butts;) BUT (pardon the pun) I am allergic to bees, so this will never happen!


    • There should be a bee allergy shot! But…the bees get the worst of the situation if they sting. Well, the bombus variety … not yellow jackets or wasps. They can sting all day. They’re not cute though. But I’m rambling. Saw on one of the bee ID sites that you should watch for a raised leg … that means they’re alarmed. No kidding.


    • My parents had me clean up the dropped apples and peaches at my childhood house. I learned how to act around them. Caution, respect, and no sudden movements! I swore I’d never make my kid(s) do that, though!


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