Rain drops in Pine 1

Ent fingers /
scattering diamonds – /
raindrops in the pines //

Rain drops in pine 2

A second haiku written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, where “trees” were our prompt.  

Ents were talking trees in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series.  There are many talking trees in myth, folk tales, novels, and movies, however.

◊ In Greek mythology, the trees in the Dodona Grove (near Zeus’s sanctuary) had the gift of prophecy.  When they were alive they were oracles.  When they were cut, their wood was used to build the Argo – and the wood warned of approaching danger.

◊ Indian mythology has a Tree of the Sun and Moon. It could foretell the future – as a male during the day and a female during the night.  

◊ And – more recently – who can forget Grandmother Willow in “Pocahontas” or the apple-throwing trees in “The Wizard of Oz”?

Every time I see “tree faces” I think of the Ents.  Here is an Ent I “captured” at the park tonight:

Ent at Park 1

Hey, you — watch out for the rabbit!


26 thoughts on “Ent Fingers (Haiku)

  1. I loved the “Ent fingers / scattering diamonds”, especially since I had no idea what Ent fingers were, initially. Speaking of which, was our LOTR chat still rambling around your imagination…? 🙂

    There’s also triffids btw. Apparently, I saw them on TV when I was little and was a bit perturbed: “walking trees, walking trees!”


    • Very definitely thinking about our LOTR conversation — plus, Cheryl-Lynn and I talked about LOTR/Hobbit a bit too. Went walking through the park again tonight and we’re surrounded by Ents — the trees have been “manicured” due to park trails, roadways, etc., so there were lots and lots of eyes everywhere. (Or maybe I’m just paranoid? Nah!)

      Looked up Triffids on Wikipedia — oh my! That could make the foundation for a great legendary-creatures poem some day.
      The cooler, wetter weather has been very kind to all the vines this summer – they’ve grown to triffid proportions.

      It’s amazing what affects us on TV when we’re kids. I was afraid of the song “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” for years because of a commercial. o.O


    • You are so kind — I am so glad you liked it. 😀

      The first two photos didn’t turn out so bad considering I had the camera on the wrong brightness setting. (Derp!) And what a lucky break to find another Ent to talk to. I love tree faces. 🙂


    • Okay, I’ve been dying to ask you this — but — did you read the George R R Martin novels (Song of Ice & Fire, etc.)? He depicted the Weirwoods with such love and care in the novels — it was beautiful. (And no — I have not watched the TV adaptations.)

      warily watching us
      weirwoods offer warnings

      a rustle of leaves
      bearing witness to the past
      if we will listen


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