15 thoughts on “Tree of Life (Haiku)

  1. And only a couple of days ago you said that using biblical imagery was quite out of character for you? Ok, so the Tree of Life is doing a good job of steering you in that direction but it hardly accounts for the clever referencing of Sarah and Isaac 😉

    I particularly like “the beacon glimmers green,” as both a phrase and idea.


    • Thank you very much 🙂

      It was weird ….. Sarah and Isaac just popped into my head when I thought “barren but not barren”. I always had to feel sorry for Ishmael and the Sarah’s maid, though…..a raw deal.

      Glad you liked it 🙂


  2. Wonderful … and full of meaning as alway … loved your response especially the first haiku. And your post was awesomely laid out … nice to see the background behind your work.


  3. What an awesome response Jen … it’s really a miracle that this tree, maybe the last of Eden, is standing strong and tall in the midst of the desert … thank you for your kind words sprinkled on me … you make me blush and i am glad that you have grown in your haiku-skills through CDHK …


  4. Thanks so much — sometimes I get bogged down in page layout, sizing images, formatting, adding links, etc. – so it’s good to know that other people notice these details and appreciate them. This is very encouraging 😀


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