9 1 2014 milkweed floss and seeds 9 0

all by myself   
in the smoking milkweed –   
lonely red bug   

Please see my ending notes ….

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, where Björn Rudberg is today’s Ghost Writer.  Here is what Björn has to say about humor in haiku and renga:

One thing we use too little in haiku is the dry humor you can sometimes find in classical haiku. Maybe we are too respectful to the form sometimes, still when reading through I see (often with apologies) attempts in this direction. Today I would like you to take an approach to the dry wit of haiku writing.

We have had even classic example previously here, consider for example this one by Issa:

spring peace –
a mountain monk peeks
through the hedge

The combination of the monk and peeking through the hedge removes some of the respect for the monk and makes him a human of flesh and blood, and spring is an excellent time when this might happen to a monk full of hormones.

Another way of doing humor in haiku is a concept of renku haikai no renga (“comic linked verse”). This is similar to renga in the sense that we create a comic effect in collaborative poetry.

A classic example is:

The robe of haze is wet at its hem

to which the disrespectful response was:

Princess Sao of spring pissed as she started

Imagine, a deity like the princess of spring gets wet by peeing on herself.

So what’s the big deal with the lonely red beetle?  
Well …

8 27 2014 box elder bugs mating 2

There was a lot of THIS ….

...happening in here. Hence the smoke, perhaps?

…happening in here. 

But no lovin' for Ricky Redbeetle.  Poor fella.

But no lovin’ for Ricky Redbeetle. Poor fella.


36 thoughts on “All by Myself (Haiku)

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  3. Oh my [averts gaze] I expect these kind of goings on from the GG, but above ground? Where the rating is PG?

    I can just imagine a squeaky little redbug voice singing along 🙂
    And I’m sure you once claimed not to handle humour well 😛


    • Couldn’t help myself 😉
      Just an amazing little scene going on in the milkweed … Once you get over the squeamishness. 🙂
      But this guy by himself/herself looked so pathetic….!


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    • Ah, somewhere his Rosie Redbeetle is just waiting to meet him 😉
      Thanks Dom — this was a great prompt — I’m glad Bjorn and Kristjaan offered it. 😀


    • Indeed!
      We can only hope that somewhere out there – on the same milkweed plant – Rosie Redbug was also looking for love – and perhaps they met! 😉


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