Vincent Van Gogh.  Field with Poppies, 1890. WikiArt.

Vincent Van Gogh. Field with Poppies, 1890. WikiArt.

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that our much-loved schnauzer has been ailing.  As of this evening she is “failing”.  She’s going to the vet tomorrow; she may not come home.

She is suffering. 

Except… I think … when she sleeps.  And as weak as she is, she’s having some very active dreams.  Her eyebrows twitch.  She sighs.  And on occasion her feet pump.

What’s in a dog’s final dreams?

no pain –
the old dog dreams of running
in fields of poppies

Linked to Carpe Diem #666, where we are revisiting “poppies”.  You should read the original post – in which our host Chèvrefeuille shares “In Flanders Fields”.  We also have the following inspirational haiku:


white poppy
it must have bloomed
from a wintry shower


at sunrise
poppies still redder
sacrifice for God

Claude Monet.  Landscape with Poppies.

Claude Monet. Landscape with Poppies.

44 thoughts on “no pain (haibun)

    • Thanks so much, Peter –

      Today is a little bit easier – though I keep expecting to hear her little toenails clicking throughout the house. Today it is easier to enjoy and talk about her good days though.


  1. Aw, Jen, I am so sorry to hear of your loss…I know it was a difficult these past weeks for you and Farf. I imagine your kiddo is struggling too. Please know that you are in my thoughts and heart, Jen (((((( hugs ))))) Farf is with my Desirée now…she may not like her singing though cos she does sing loudly!! `xx


      • It is such a difficult decision but when it is time and you see your friend finally at peace you know it was the right time. But for you and your family that will take a while still…I know what you mean when you come home; I would dread putting the key in the door and not hear her running to hte door. Take it one hour at a time, kiddo. Mucho hugs. I know it is tough, I wept when I saw the poem on Georgia’s blog…blessings my dear xx ((((((hugs)))))


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    • Thanks Dom

      This afternoon Farfel went to sleep at the Vet’s office. She had suffered for far too long. They said she was suffering renal failure along with the congestive heart failure. The injection was swift and painless, and though our hearts are broken, there’s some relief, too. Every day – guessing – is today the day?

      Already house feels so empty 😦


    • Thank you Chev.

      Farfel passed away this afternoon. She had an injection at the Vet’s office. Thankfully it was very quick. She was suffering so badly. I think she understood what was going on at the Vet’s office and was *ready*.


    • Really needing that hug today!

      Farfel passed away this afternoon at the Vet’s office. It was time. She didn’t flinch; she wasn’t afraid. She was very ready. Already I miss her.


        • Hi Georgia —

          thanks for the love and hugs. My heart hurts so bad right now. It was weird to come through the door and realize she wasn’t going to be waiting for us. Weird to eat dinner without her begging! Sort of just sitting here looking at the screen tonight. Might just go to bed. Feels very unreal.


        • Maybe a little rest … you also didn’t sleep too very much I think yesterday. But yes, the unreal empty feeling will be there for a while … ❤


        • I laid down for a bit but then got back up.
          Will try it again in a few minutes.

          But no, no sleep yesterday. Every day will get a bit better though.



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