Charles Twelvetrees.  Author's Collection.

Charles Twelvetrees. Author’s Collection.

creak … click … creak … click …
the sound of little toenails
in a dark house  

the light on your grave
sinks under the snow

twenty times
i have felt you watching me
from the shadows

but i cannot un-see
your blanket in the cold clay

these guilty thoughts:
perhaps another blanket
did i do enough?   

then – dropped at my feet with a click –  
your gift – a memory

on your velvet ears –
rest, little girl – rest –

Farfel 2

26 thoughts on “choka for my sweetie

  1. I deliberately avoided liking and commenting on a post a few days ago (in which Farfel dreams of running through the poppies) because I wasn’t sure about bringing you back here, but –
    “your gift – a memory”
    – together with that rascally pic made me feel better about the idea.

    And I’m sure you still feel that disgruntled look being shot in your direction, now and then, in the midst of a late night ROFL 🙂


    • Thanks Blake — it’s okay; I can think about her without crying now. Hurts still sometimes but that’s to be expected. Thank you for being so very concerned 🙂

      And OH yes … I can imagine her snorting in disapproval all the time! Poor old thing ….! 🙂


  2. So sorry you are missing your much loved companion. Thanks for trusting your readers enough to allow us to be there with you in your sorrow. Our Sam was put down in 2001. We moved her ashes with us. Could not bury he outside cause she was scared of the thunder. Beloved for sure.


    • Thanks for the kindness, Janice — this helps more than I can express.

      I’m so sorry about your Sam. Our pets leave such a huge void when they leave us behind.


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