newly mown hay field haiga

newly mown hay field:  
a forgotten tuft of grass …
… a thankful mantis

Linked to Carpe Diem Little Creatures #18:  Issa’s “Rice Blossoms”, where this is our inspiration:

tombô mo ogamu te tsuki ya ine no hana 

the dragonfly too
folds hands in prayer…
rice blossoms

(c) Kobayashi Issa

Our host Chèvrefeuille shares the following explanation:

“The “too” (mo) implies that a farmer, perhaps Issa, is the other person in the scene offering a prayer of thanksgiving for the good rice crop, that now has gone to blossom and is ready for harvest. The dragonfly joins in. Issa’s poem deserves to be read at face value: this dragonfly really is praying, not just seeming to pray. The fact that its “hands” are rubbing together is, of course, coincidental. But this prayer-like gesture captures Issa’s attention and leads him to conclude that the little dragonfly sitting in stillness, perhaps on the blooming tip of a rice plant, is, in fact, praying. If the key prayer in Pure Land Buddhism is one of gratitude for Amida Buddha’s saving grace–an experience of trusting in the Other Power of the Beyond while letting go of selfish calculations–then the dragonfly, non-calculating, surrendering to the wind, fully attuned to the present moment…is the purest embodiment of prayer.” (Source: Haikuguy.com)

The goal of Little Creatures is to write a classical-style haiku (5/7/5, interchangeable 1st/3rd lines, moment in time, season word, cutting word/ punctuation, deeper meaning).  Our host offers a classical haiku and a more streamlined version for our inspiration:

cherry blossoms bloom
first bees come to gather honey –
cherries in autumn

cherry blossoms
bees gather honey
cherries in fall

(c) Chèvrefeuille

9 1 2014 cherry berries 2

23 thoughts on “newly mown hay field (haiku)

  1. What about Jeff Goldblum as the Fly? You’d draw the line there, right? I mean he became quite icky by the end of the film, I remember 😦

    And a beautifully composed haiga – the words, image and font; even the dots in the text seem to echo the fluffy white ears of the hay 🙂


    • Gack! Quite icky! But I choose to ignore that part and — um — yearn for the better moments. (Rarrr!) 😉

      Thanks Blake – I like the way this one turned out. Wasn’t quite sure about the haiku itself at first — because it was quite different from my norm — but — great to know that it still works. 😀


  2. Lovely photography here … funny I completely by passed the thanksgiving when I did my post … that is its only implied … you’ve added so much as usual .. a fantastic post!


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