Vincent Van Gogh. Sien with Baby on her Lap, 1882. WikiArt.

Vincent Van Gogh. Sien with Baby on her Lap, 1882. WikiArt.

Ah, my son. My stubborn son. What can I say?  I love him so much – but right now he’s 13 and he tests everyone’s patience on a daily basis.

Sometimes on an hourly basis.

He was stubborn even before birth.  That stubbornness almost killed him, too.  Several hours into labor he changed his position and pinched his umbilical cord – making his heart rate plummet.  He could not be persuaded to move – no matter what we tried. 

After a spinal block and an emergency C-section, his first cry was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard in my life.

first kiss –
love as a balm
in the O.R.

Ron D'Raine. First Kiss. Via CDHK.

Ron D’Raine. First Kiss.

Linked to Carpe Diem Time Glass #22, where “first kiss” and this poster of a mother and baby giraffe were our inspiration. 

And even though it doesn’t technically use the word “birthday” I’m going to link it to Haiku Horizons: Birthday.


68 thoughts on “first kiss (haibun)

  1. Hey if Mr Kiddo goes out with his mum to photograph leaves (and leaves and leaves!) now and then his heart’s clearly in the right place 😉


  2. Aw, my oldest is 13, too. And he would not engage for love nor money. They induced me for 27 hours of agony, but he remained indifferent and oblivious. Not so far from where he is now. In his own head, thinking creative and wild thoughts. Far from me. LOL


  3. A wonderful haibun Jen. My youngest daughter had a similar experience in the emergency ward last year. Thankfully her little boy arrived alive and healthy due to quick thinking medical staff.
    I love your comments about the teenage years. My grand daughter is still testing my patience too. Right now she’s convinced she knows all about absolutely everything 😦


    • I’m so sorry she had to go through that! It’s an absolutely terrifying, heart-rending experience. Thank goodness the little boy is safe and healthy now. 🙂

      Teens. Enough to drive ya to drinking! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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