Lucas Grogan. Skeleton for MLMM.

Lucas Grogan. Skeleton for MLMM.

Under the bridge – under the bottles and grocery bags – I wrestle with substance

Body?  You enjoyed my flesh, then you stole my flesh.
But I was always more than a body.

Wealth? You robbed me, but I was never bound to wealth. 
And you could have asked – I would have given.

Strength?  No, I was never strong.  Not physically.
You proved that.

You erased my future.

Substance.  Significance. 

Yes, perhaps that is the key.  For now – as I lie rotting in the riverbank – as you run and run and run – we are more connected than ever.  You’ll never shake me.  I’ll always be looking over your shoulder.  You will feel me. Sense me.  Fear me. 

You’ll regret that we met. 

You bastard.
I am your nightmare in blue.


Linked to the Tale Weaver Prompt at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie, where Michael and Phylor are our new hosts.  We were asked to weave a story about Lucas Grogan’s artwork featuring a blue skeleton and blue glass bottles.  We were allowed to “take the form of a straight prose piece, letters, diary and or dialogue”.   We needed to use the word “substance” somewhere in the piece.

This image reminded me of a song I heard recently, “Where the Wild Roses Grow” – performed by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue.  I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. 


11 thoughts on “nightmare in blue (prose)

  1. Another post with distinct dungeon elements :O

    I like the contrasting of matter-of-fact, mundane detail (the bottles and grocery bags) and the more abstract elements (I wrestle with substance) – it keeps the tone slightly unresolved makes for an uneasy atmosphere, which suits the story perfectly.

    And it does read very much like an epilogue to that shuddery song… (which is a compliment, of course) 🙂


    • I was haunted by that song for quite some time – which led to this very uneasy dance with the darkness! Very glad that the balance of gritty / abstract worked 🙂 But unlike “Wild Roses” I wanted this woman to be almost vicious in death. And yes – that’s the dungeony part! 😛

      Thanks Blake 🙂


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