Vincent Van Gogh.  Farms Near Auvers, 1890. Van Gogh.net.

Vincent Van Gogh. Farms Near Auvers, 1890. VanGogh.net.

dusk –
a screen door’s bang
i run for open fields –
i flee with the deer  

Linked to Carpe Diem #675, where Van Gogh’s “House Au Auvers” is our inspiration.  And here is our host’s inspirational haiku:

green and yellow
shadows dance on the wall 
a gentle breeze

(c) Chèvrefeuille

I will also link this to Heeding Haiku with HA: Emotions


21 thoughts on “dusk (tanka)

  1. ‘Wheeling’ is an interesting word choice – I’m not sure if it’s the person or the door that’s wheeling (can a door be wheeling?), but it suggests a degree of force. Then ‘flee’ suggests a need to escape. So, I read this as a sad and possibly violent story.

    But then the deer add a happy element at the end 🙂


    • Ah …. I remember this one now … a very bad day, very bad. Yes, it was the door — actually, the sound of the door — and a very definite need to escape. It was quite sad … not violent thankfully, other than the crazed need to escape. But — always — hope with the deer!


        • Exactly!!! 😀
          In a strange sort of way, she’s taken on a Harry-Potter-Like “Patronus” quality these days! 😉


        • Yeah, you don’t seem the Harry Potter type, LOL!!! But they were magical-animal-spirit-protector-guides. And they glowed! Always pretty cool 😉

          Believe it or not I’d recommend the books – very, very good.

          But right now I’ve started Henry Rollins’ ‘Solipsist’. Very interesting. And dark.


  2. Slamming screen door, vibrating against the sill, parent yells to stop slamming the door. Or maybe in or out but stop running back and forth. I feel sadness in the running away.


    • Just that portion is funny — I’ll have to look for the whole movie. With subtitles. It must be out there somewhere …!
      I love the recurring gags in the old comedies — the anticipation each time is as good as the gag itself 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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