red notes — blue dusk —
the antenna farm’s rhythm
on Kerouac’s bridge

A draft while on the road! Crossing the bridge again where Jack wrote about the Ghost of the Susquehanna. Hopefully linked to CDHK upon my return. 🙂

8 thoughts on “red notes — blue dusk (haiku)

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    • Thanks Georgia 🙂

      I got a bit side-tracked but I’m hoping to clean it up a bit — both image and poem — and make it fit the Jazz prompt a bit more closely. But this is worth keeping too, probably. 🙂

      And Blake and I had a chat – a while back – about this elusive antenna farm. It’s been CRYING for a haiku … but I’ve never been able to capture it. o.O


      • I’d never heard the term antenna farm before reading this haiku … and interesting concept! And definitely can’t have all that CRYING! Can’t stand concept that cry!


        • Really? Huh. See, I learn so much from blogging! Yup, big clusters of antennas all in one spot.

          Speaking of all in one spot — the deer here must be starving this winter. Sadly I couldn’t get a picture — but we probably saw 100 deer from the highway on the way to the game. Big groups of 10-15 grazing in the (newly snow-free) fields. Poor things. There has to be a haiku in that. I hope the deer can get their bellies full before the next big storm.

          But anyway — FINALLY put the antenna farm to rest!
          Now to put “Riders on the Storm” to rest. Was telling Blake that I have this vision of Riders on the Storm and the vultures I see EVERYWHERE between Gettysburg and Hanover. There’s a ku in that. Somewhere. o.O

          But that’s more of a squawk than a cry. 😉


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