20 thoughts on “Lincoln Highway (haiga)

  1. You’re right, streetlights do feel like companions on occasion. I distinctly remember being practically hypnotised by rain falling under a streetlight when I was a boy 🙂

    I suppose Lincoln Highway is one of your ginormo-roads..?


    • Yes — Route 30 (Lincoln Highway) goes from coast to coast, and it cuts right through my county. AND it goes right by Caledonia park too.
      Rain falling under a streetlight — that’s a haiku in the waiting, dear Blake! (Hint! Hint!)
      Thanks 🙂


      • Mmm you’re probably right, there is a haiku in there somewhere… I wonder where?? 😛

        Ah even at this distance I’m loving the Caledonia Park lately 🙂


        • Some day you’ll see the right prompt and think of this hint — and the haiku will be there 🙂

          Guess what – saw pileated woodpeckers in the forest too! Very cool!


        • Woodpeckers? Oh they’re another character that I’m hoping to meet in my little woods – never having seen any yet… sigh 😉

          Well done on your woodpeckers! That is one funky looking bird ( I mean funk in the good, Funkadelic sense, of course) 😀

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        • Oh, this fella was funky, for sure! Not a smooth character but he had a lot of personality -large, loud, crashing around in the woods, with a crazy call, too. A lot of fun!


  2. Great haiga Paloma … this haiku looks like the haiku of our featured haiku poet this month. March 4th his first episode will be online in a CD Special and a Haiku Writing Techniques episode.


    • Yay! Thanks! Had fun with this one ….!
      Were you able to hear the song? Wasn’t sure with connections and all ….

      They used to have this song on their roadside history kiosks. You’d place a key across two knobs, connecting a circuit, and then the song would play. They played 30 seconds of it, and it was very tinny on the kiosk … so I thought it was an old song all these years! Nope. Fairly new.

      One mystery down … 8 million to go 😉


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