jen at ability

no jukeboxes.
no clinking bottles.
no laughing crowds.
my selfie at the bar
is NOT
what i have chosen-
but it is mine
and i will possess it.

Linked to BJ’s Shadorma & Beyond: Poetweet.  The Poetweet was created by Thotpurge.  It is a poem created in exactly 140 characters – which means that the poem fits into one “tweet” on Twitter.

Graphics Fairy

Graphics Fairy

30 thoughts on “selfie at the bar (poetweet)

  1. Well, clinking bottles and laughing crowds are ten a penny (not sure if that’s a saying over there?) and this is a great selfie without them. Well ‘possessed’ 🙂


      • Oh of course you do! I was going to quote Otis Redding, Hard to Handle, to show where I’ve used that phrase most over the years but… according to websites it doesn’t appear in the lyrics 😦 Well, it does when I sing the song! 😀


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