wine stains firefly haiga

Linked to Carpe Diem Time Glass #23: Bamboo, where we had 24 hours to respond to the word: bamboo and Chèvrefeuille’s awesome bamboo haiga.  (Please visit the site to see it!)

wine stains  
on a bamboo placemat –
remembering fireflies

7 22 2014 firefly 1


28 thoughts on “wine stains (haiga)

  1. This is very nice, isn’t it? Both the overall visual effect and the haiku itself, which is so deftly written, alluding to so much but…who knows what?

    Hmm I’d like to write a haiku like this 🙂

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    • Thank you Blake — what a wonderful compliment!

      Going to the drive in this evening – hoping to see some more fireflies. But these will be a completely different sort 🙂


    • No worries — this makes more sense now though! 😉

      Yes, quite a bite to this one — but it’s getting easier to think about Ol’ Farf with a laugh, you know? And oh, how she hated that coat. Grudgingly accepted them as she got older though.


    • Thanks Georgia 🙂
      It was actually a PicMonkey background texture, of all things! Our bamboo place mats are more like strips of bamboo in a roll, but this was passable. o.O
      Looking for the happy ….


      • Lol … I have bamboo place mats too! Well … it’s an elusive bird at times but the happy sometimes just pops up … a wine stain can have been a great dinner with friends for example.


        • It’s weird, isn’t it, how we equate stains and tears and the like with memories. Sometimes happy thoughts, sometimes badges, sometimes trophies!


        • True … a remnant of the past … I’d never thought of that … btw .. noting to do with this post maybe … thanks for the link to Rule of Thirds … reading it I just realized that I often do that and never thought about why … too cool!


        • The instructor said much the same thing — it’s how our mind works naturally — and if you can emphasize that then the viewer feels more comfortable and more satisfied. He also talked about leading lines — something I’ve only barely touched on and hoped to explore a bit more.


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