Our flight out of Lexington was a horror – like playing paddleball with a tin can.  It wasn’t the airport’s fault; Mother Nature just refused to cooperate. 

The turbulence bounced our little plane so much that even the seasoned travelers groaned.  I was too terrified to groan – but you can bet my armrest bore nail marks for years. 

My “logical mind” wrestled with my “emotional mind”:

You’re not going to die.
Yes I am.
No, you’re not. 

… [plane drops 40 gazillion feet in 2.8 seconds] …

See? We’re gonna die.
Unbelievable.  Just chill out.
Chill out?  Chill OUT?

Put on your music.
Okay, but we’re still gonna die.

When I switched on the iPod, Bob Marley was next on the playlist. And despite the turbulence, Bob brought me a little bit of peace and happiness. 

Most people think of Jamaica when they hear reggae. 

I think of Kentucky.

three little birds haiga

three little birds
oblivious to danger –
happy at the feeder

Linked to Carpe Diem #678: Happiness, where our host has written a wonderful post about the philosophy of happiness – involving Mencius, Aristotle, St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and Buddhism.  Then he wrote a remarkable haiku that demonstrates that – sometimes – what philosophers “know” isn’t worth a hill of beans.   

Please read his original post

Here is our host’s happiness haiku:

simple happiness
cherry blossoms bloom again –
spring is near

© Chèvrefeuille

A chance find at Caledonia this week.

A chance find at Caledonia this week.


19 thoughts on “paddleball (haibun / haiga)

  1. So, you had posted the Three-Little-Birds-near-air-disaster story you told me about even before I used the song? Well! Now I feel like an imitator, an impostor! 😛

    Surely the doves and gargoyles can live together.. right? Of course! Though I’d still advise the doves to be a little less oblivious..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay! See? Misunderstood, those gargoyles! A bit rough around the edges, perhaps — a bit mischievous — but good in their core. 🙂

      And — uncomfortable indoors? Say it ain’t so! I must have a really brave one in the dungeon 😉

      Did I ever show you the Dav Pilkey version of Gargoyles? Awesome stuff. Misunderstood creatures 🙂


      But yes — I was SO GLAD to be off that plane. A gentle flight can be nice — the humming of the engines will put me to sleep! But that turbulence? Oh. No.


      • So happy you’ve now more understanding about the poor misunderstood creatures so you can better serve the gargoyle cause! Now that you mention it … yes you did tell me about Dav Pilkey’s version of gargoyles and fun it is!

        I certainly sympathize with not liking to do the roller coaster game on an airplane … makes me remember that metal birds just ain’t natural creatures.


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