Edit Two (Grunge, Crop, Burn)

deadwood in the canyon:
a slow scream
frozen and splintered 

Linked to the One Four Challenge at Robyn’s Fine Art, where our task is to take one image and edit it four different ways over four weeks.   This month I will be “reclaiming” an old (paper!) photograph with questionable composition — seeing if something interesting can be done with it.  It might not be a great photo, but I absolutely loved this subject at the time.  

Keep in mind that I’m an amateur – having fun – learning as I go.  Not a professional at all — and calling this “fine art” is a stretch!



1999 Grand Canyon Sunset 1 original

Deadwood at the Grand Canyon

Great wood texture, but that yellow rock is really distracting!   Plus, evidently, that sharp horizon is a no-no. Composition is a jumble.  But — still — I love that deadwood! And the “bittersweet” glow on the grasses to the left of the photo – that is awesome. 


Grunge texture

Grunge texture

I used PicMonkey’s grunge / paper overlays to add texture, and I darkened the edges.  Plus, that yellow rock is gone (clone tool).


Cropped, Burned, Dodged

Cropped, Burned, Dodged

This time I cropped the image, burned the edges more, and used the dodge tool to lighten the trunks in places. It’s still not a great photo, but I *think* composition-wise it might be better. At a cost, though — a lot of that great wood texture is gone, and so much of that bittersweet grass is now gone.  Plus – now we have a goofy little tree in the middle of the photo.  And it’s dark — dark — dark!  

But it has drama, baby!

A huge “thank you” goes to Georgia (Bastet) for lending her time, her feedback, and a ton of her time!  Hopefully in the next month I’ll find some better ways to work with this photo.  

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22 thoughts on “deadwood in the canyon (haiku / photo edit)

  1. A distracting yellow rock? Interesting… I see splashes of yellow fire dotted about the landscape, and some spurts of lava – which all seems quite fantastical and ominous and which I like on that account, naturally 🙂


    • Fantastical and ominous — love it! Thanks Blake 🙂
      Yes — that yellow rock was driving me _insane_ — but I’m glad to have traded it for lava 😉


    • Thanks Georgia 🙂
      Your help made a world of difference! Perhaps the keys to this month will be 1) creative, close cropping, and 2) softening that troublesome horizon. It’ll never be award-winning (!!! 😛 !!!) — but it’ll be “better”. The time you put into helping me is really, really, really appreciated 😀


        • Well, you saw “edit one” but not “edit two” — that took your feedback into consideration 🙂
          Feeling a bit more hopeful about this one 😀
          Thanks 😀


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