grosvenor station

Grosvenor Station –
our eyes met with a jolt
then you were gone

Linked to Heeding Haiku with HA at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie.  HA mentioned Instagram – which led me to explore my own (rarely used) account.  I’d forgotten about this moment in the DC Metro.  Hopefully HA will forgive me for this poem – it is a senryu (and a sloppy one at that!) – but it feels right.

DC Metro


16 thoughts on “Grosvenor Station (haiga)

    • Thanks Dom 🙂

      In the original Metro tones – that dull blue/gray – it is easy to think of spy meetings. 🙂 But with a sepia filter it’s easy to think of lost chances, beautiful encounters, possibilities, etc. It’s so intriguing to “meet” someone in the Metro and have them whisked away while you’re still wondering what they’re about, you know?


    • Thanks Georgia 🙂
      Believe it or not, I hadn’t heard the whole song before — but tonight — wow — this makes me a bit teary-eyed! (In a good way.)
      Yes — YES! This is it, definitely.


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