29 thoughts on “ice-bound meadow (haiga)

  1. A brilliantly bleak haiga – it actually looks like our desolate moors, Bronte country, etc. And I particularly like “ribby” – did you have a ribby dog in another haiku? That wouldn’t be a criticism, by the way – it’s good to have some trademark images and phrases, I think (as long as they’re good!) 😉


    • You know …. I think I did use “ribby” before … hmm….
      I’m glad the image still works though! 🙂

      Thanks Blake — some of these places really _are_ bleak in the month before spring.


      • Reading your wintery haiku from the vantage of late June, it seems like another world entirely – how we quickly and happily the warmth makes us forget (I should point out that we’ve had no uncomfortably hot days yet…).

        I can’t say I was overly impressed with the attitude to animal conservation, stateside. But then there’s such an abundance of wildlife where you are and abundance gets taken for granted, unfortunately.

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        • It really *is* taken for granted, sadly … And when you become sentimental about deer (like I have!) you’re seen as a hippy-dippy weirdo. But hey — hippy-dippy weirdos are my kind of people – I’ll wear the moniker proudly 😉

          No uncomfortably hot days? Must be nice!! 🙂


        • Balmy days so far, although Wednesday is due to get sultry, apparently..

          Well, if you’re not on Team Hippy Dippy Weirdo, what’s the alternative? Nothing appealing, so far as I can see.

          Today I finally mowed the grass, which I’d deliberately let grow to meadow height for a while. As I got close to the back fence I noticed a spider I’d disturbed running back and forth in the tall stems, a large gold globe carried in her arms. So I had to stop my mowing – she’ll have a large family to send out into the world soon and I couldn’t upset her. It left the garden with one ridiculous overgrown patch left intact. Very Hippy Dippy indeed 🙂


        • Here’s to Team Hippy Dippy! 😀
          What a cool find — Mama Spider and the whole Spider Family !!! Will that be a haiku some day? (Ahem?)
          Spiders are intriguing — last time I was in the forest it was overrun with Daddy Long Legs. Everywhere! 🙂


        • Our Daddy Long Legs season hasn’t hit yet – they’re more autumnal here, though I have seen them about already, the rascals!

          One of the things I like about haiku is that they can be an almost photographic snapshot of moments – so yes, I have lots of those on file, including this maternal spider. Though I’m not sure if I’d want to rework those before posting – they’re more plainly literal and Shiki-like than I usually do..


        • Ah … an autumn spider! I didn’t realize that. 🙂
          It’s been a long time since we saw any Shiki lately … he *is* very literal, isn’t he? Very little of the Issa-like joy either. 😛


        • Oh no, my mistake – over here a Daddy Long Legs is a crane fly, and they invade en masse each autumn. They’re the drunk drivers of the flying insect world, crashing into everything most annoyingly!

          Very true about Shiki. But when it works it certainly is powerful – I’m still haunted by his haiku about killing the spider…


        • Oh yes — I’d forgotten that one. That *is* haunting …..

          How neat that Daddy Long Legs are something totally different overseas! Here they’re a highly venemous spider. Thankfully the spider can’t bite humans – so kids enjoy picking them up and playing with the poor creatures. 🙂

          Drunk driver flies! LOL!


  2. Oh … I just read your comments with Chris … isn’t there something the Forestry service can do for them … The haiga is beautifully done … like the antiqueing and as Janice says there are mant layers of meaning to be read here.


    • There probably *is* something that could be done – but the PA Game Commission is spreading the litany – far and wide – that feeding the deer is bad for everyone in the long run. Disease, erratic behavior, property destruction, etc. So they *won’t* and *don’t* do anything, considering it a natural process. Sadly. Pathetically. But — we had about 6 inches of snow today — and a freeze tonight — then next week in the 50s. SO — hopefully they will find something to eat. If they can make it one more week. 😦

      Very glad you liked the haiga 🙂
      Is it vain to say I like this one too? 😛


  3. Tons of deer … you just don’t normally see them out in the open. Or in such large herds. Usually groups of 6 or so here.
    And right now we’re getting another snow storm. Poor things.


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