no street lights tanka

After composing this haiga in response to Carpe Diem Tanka Shrine: No Street Lights”, I had some reservations as to whether it worked as a tanka.  After talking with Georgia (Bastet) we agreed that this may – perhaps – be effective *either* as a haiku *or* as the hokku / first response in renga.   Then we created a renga based on this feeling!

Here is that renga.  Because WeirdPress does strange things with formatting on occasion, Georgia’s portions will be in blue and my portions will be in green.

no street lights
along this crumbling sidewalk –
just my jagged breaths
the ghosts of autumn
gossip in the night

the screechy owl’s song
blends with the cricket concert
at midnight

a growing dampness
blankets these black hours

– Morpheus’ smile
shades vineyards and corn fields
dew drops on lilies

wet grass clings to my feet
as if memory

long long silences
between sleeping visions
of bright nebula

yellow stars on velvet –
a cat blinks in the hedges

alone in the yard
his sensations all aglow
her perfume whispers

a shower of rose petals
and the clink of wine glasses

loving embraces –
the ghosts of autumn
gossip in the night
along this crumbling sidewalk –
just our jagged breathing

Thanks, Georgia, for the guidance — and for a lot of fun 🙂


25 thoughts on “no street lights (renga / haiga)

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  2. Nice … thanks for posting it … I’m going to do an unorthodox reblog … seems that when I reblog you normally I also get a lot of extra images … and I’m running out of space!


    • Ah — no worries!

      Isn’t that aggravating? When I reblogged one of the “Notifications Bar” rants I ended up with about 20 little images from one post. And after the reblog was deleted? I still had those #$@ images to hand-delete!!!


      • Yep and I’m going to have to take that down btw .. and I’m going to “reblog” our last renga the same way … it’s a pain in the back side that’s for sure!


        • The “notifications” posts? Yes, they were FULL of images. They needed to be (!!) but they’re very resource-heavy.


        • Yep .. I occasionally have to go and remove reblogs for this reason … and in my early days I didn’t resize my photos so I really chewed up a lot of space … it’s about time to go and work in the media library … maybe I should just open a new blog … or start using that editing blog I have.


        • Lots of work in resizing photos! Fortunately BIOLI’s quirky photo handling forced me to keep images small from the get-go. Or it would be a nightmare to go through all of that. Ack. The editing blog might be the easiest option .. but … I do so love your library! [sniffle!]


        • That might be a good option for now … because once a post gets to be a year or so old, there aren’t so many visitors. The only year-old posts that get visitors are ones targeted by spam! 😛


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