dragons haiga 1

night guardian haiga

Linked to Carpe Diem Time Machine #5:  Kites

The kite in the photo is in my son’s room; we bought it at the Kite Loft in Ocean City.  You’d think those yellow eyes would creep him out.  Nope!  He loves this dragon.

I couldn’t decide which poem I liked better so you get both of them.  😉

Kite Loft haibun: (Drowning the Ocean)

Here are two kite haiku by Chèvrefeuille:

against the blue sky
the devilish dragon kite
just like yesterday

kites against the blue sky
laughter of children

And here is one by Jane Reichhold:

watercolor class
the painted blue sky
becomes a kite

This link Chèvrefeuille provided was quite interesting – comparing kite usage and symbolism in China, Japan, and Polynesia. I thought this was really neat: 

Ancient China:  Military usage.

“Legend has it, that while preparing to attack an enemy’s fortified palace, [General Han Hsin] slowly released his kite into the air, and used it to measure the distance remaining between his forces and the old fortress walls. Using the length of his line as a guide, he ordered his men to begin digging tunnels, quietly, so that when the time came, they could hide in the dugouts and crawl through those tunnels to get in the palace from underneath its walls. After the tunnels had finally been completed, many believe that General Han Hsin tied his kite to a nearby tree and left it to fly alone overhead. The enemy forces were distracted by the frightening and colorful dragon kite which sailed high over the palace walls. As they watched the kite and searched the ground for attackers, Han Hsin’s men were already inside the palace, surprising its unprepared defenders. The use of the dragon kite in this ancient military ambush led to a victory for the wise kite keeper…”  [emphasis mine]


33 thoughts on “dragons / night guardian (senryu / haiga)

  1. I only had one kite when I was a boy – a little spiderman kite with legs that did a crazy Riverdance thing in the wind. Not all that cool, really. Oh for a fantastic kite like Mr Kiddo’s here 🙂

    Your haiga really capture the excitement a kid would feel when playing with the kite – that whoosh the image has!


    • Oh, how cool! Yes – you thrill at that connection, don’t you? I loved “Jennifer Juniper” even though it was before my time. [Jenny 867-5309 didn’t have the same appeal.] 😉

      Glad this brought back memories 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah .. you’ve done it again … not only did you entertain, but you also gave me some information that I’d never even thought to go and look up! Fantastic to see the origins of kites and so smart!


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