3 12 2014 reflection 5a

The cold rain finally ended as I skirted the swan pond and paused under the cherry trees.  Their blossoms were bruised and torn, and a brownish-pink film covered the trunks and the ground.  

The cygnets had not arrived yet, so while “Miller” eyed me warily he did not hiss or attack.  And “Seville” dozed on her nest.   

The world reeked of mud, and worms, and decay.

I was cold, I was miserable, and my feet were already damp.  So I was less than pleased with the ankle-deep puddle commanding the path.  There was no walking around it either: deep muck oozed on both sides. 

in [just] spring –
seems overrated

Thankfully I never crossed campus without my Walkman.    And as I waded into the puddle (with a grimace) Jim Morrison started to moan and shriek and chant in my ear.

“You know the day destroys the nightnight divides the day –”

Okay, I’ll admit it:  Jim Morrison’s voice does weird stuff to me.  I can’t embrace a grand majority of his ideas – but – I was “in a mood” that day.  Was it a whim?  Or a rebellion?  I don’t know.  Something in his voice made me stop in the middle of that puddle. 

I gazed into the water – and there – there! – I saw old autumn leaves in chocolate and chestnut.  I saw golden pine needles. I saw cherry blossoms that had been soaked translucent.  And then – then! – the clouds parted and gleaming white herds blossomed over the water. 

And Jim kept chanting:

“Break on through … break on through … break on through …
…hey … hey … hey … hey… hey …”

And all I could do was stand there – shivering – shuddering – feeling unhinged.  

spring puddles haiga

spring puddles
[  the sky  ]

Carpe Diem #681:  Puddles


29 thoughts on “puddles (haiga / haibun)

  1. Again, effective use of brackets in your haiku here.

    And I especially like the ‘visionary’ part of the haibun:
    “I saw old autumn leaves in chocolate and chestnut. I saw golden pine needles. I saw cherry blossoms that had been soaked translucent.”

    And Jim, of course 🙂


    • Can’t go wrong with Jim, right? 😉

      Glad you liked the visionary portion. I love the repetition, the rhythm. It seemed to work very well here.
      And — your “once” haiku is so well done — longer comment on your blog though. 🙂


  2. Delightful haibun … only you can take a muddy situation and turn it into a moment of vibrant art! Cool the Jim Morrison reference and … e e cummings no less!


    • Thanks Georgia! Glad it worked. Had reservations for a bit …. should I repost or does it need more work … and can I ever explain / capture that moment fully. Art? What an awesome compliment 😀

      I think of cummings every time I see mud. “Nope, sorry mr cummings …. not feeling the joy here…” LOL!
      But it was such an odd moment — you know, hearing that song — instantly being transported. Can’t explain it. Felt so unhinged.

      Break on through …. break on through …. break on through ….

      Broke through SOMETHING …..! 😛


      • It’s cool haw our subconscious talks to us through music and memories giving us indications of what to do … or maybe not 😉 cummings was an odd bird .. oh uhm .. mr cummings. I thought it was so cool when I was learning about his haphazard punctuation and no capitals etc.


        • Oh, he was indeed an odd bird!
          And they start you out with “in just-” (spring) and buffalo bill — but when you reach “i sing of olaf” it’s like, “where did THIS come from”!?!?

          Wonder what he could have done with haiku 😉


    • Oh, it was *strange* indeed! You may be right – no analysis, no explanation — a moment that just *was*.
      And is.

      Thanks for taking this journey with me 🙂


  3. wow – I’m impressed. Jim Morrison makes me feel unhinged too. I love the images you have used for your haiga and the second haiku is mysterious, melancholy and yet somehow transcendent. Great stuff.


    • Thanks Suzanne — this is so encouraging!!!

      Another experiment — ! Sort of fusing the jazz-haiku lesson with the free-style lesson 😉

      It’s great that you understand — there was something so odd about that moment — to this day I can’t hear “Break on Through” without remembering standing ankle-deep in a beautiful puddle on a muddy, yukky, stinky day. o.O


      • Love it – Jim Morrison affected me when I was young too. Still does a bit. Riders of the Storm was the one that sent me 🙂


        • Oh, YES! That song gets to me too.

          I was telling Blake a while back — was driving through Gettysburg when I spied this huge group of vultures riding an updraft. And Riders on the Storm was playing on the radio. And there’s a haiku in that — it HAS to be done — but I haven’t had the right opportunity yet.

          Anyway— I’m rambling. Very glad you liked it – and that you understand!

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