Edit Four: Sky Texture

[this way]
the deadwood’s twisted arms
pointing to refuge

Linked to the One Four Challenge at Robyn’s Fine Art, where our task is to take one image and edit it four different ways over four weeks.   This is week two, in which I “reclaim” an old snapshot from the Grand Canyon.

Also linked to Haiku Horizons: Refuge.  



1999 Grand Canyon Sunset 1 original

Deadwood at the Grand Canyon

For all its problems, I love this photo.  🙂


Week 2 Edit 1 Vintage Film Canyon Sunset Deadwood

Vintage Film Filter

Picmonkey’s “Vintage Film” filter brought this change.  I’m still distracted by that rock at right though.




Yup.  I cropped it.  Threw that rock right into the Canyon.


Dodged, Burned, Cloned

Dodged, Burned, Cloned

Dodging made the branch at right really stand out.  Then I burned the edges and trunk a bit further, and cloned out some of the “stuff” at left. Plus, I pruned one of the branches.  😛



Sky Textures

Well.  I still have that harsh skyline.  But I added a “water” texture that looked a bit like clouds, and a “cork” texture to soften the water ripples.  Then I erased that texture from the bottom 2/3 of the photo.  Still not a *great* photo – and I miss the blues – but I it reminds me of a vintage postcard so I’ll let it rest for this week.  🙂

Once again, a huge “thank you” goes to Georgia (Bastet) for lending her time and her advice!  

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52 thoughts on “this way (haiku / photo edit)

    • No doubt — right off the edge of the cliff! :O
      Life is like that though, isn’t it … ya think ya found refuge … but instead … ai yai yai. 😦


  1. For me, this photo now looks as if the landscape was staging a recreation of Gericault’s ‘Raft of the Medusa’ – which is good, obviously 🙂


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    • Thanks so much 🙂

      I love these warm tones too. It will be a challenge to get the blues to work next time, though… But it has to be done … Partly because it was so darn *cold* there that day! Hoping to find a way to explore that aspect.

      All the best,


  3. I really like this edit. The sky is nice and the vintage warm feel of the image really works. I also enjoyed your haiku, true to the photo and life 🙂


    • Thanks Carrie — good to see you here 🙂
      So glad you enjoyed the photo and haiku. Working with that sky has been quite a challenge — I’m glad this worked.
      All the best to you —

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Joanne 🙂

      I love the warm colors too — but kind of miss the blues also. Wish there were some way to have both, LOL!

      All the best to you –


  4. Nice — I like how you were able to pull out a more interesting sky really interesting editing work, I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next week .. and this haiku is lovely!


    • Thanks so much Georgia 🙂
      It did seem to soften that sky a bit — not enough, perhaps — but enough that it wasn’t so awkward.
      Thinking perhaps next week I’ll try to pull out the blues and purples a bit? Not sure how … but … there has to be something!
      Glad you liked it — and again — thanks for the advice and feedback 🙂


      • You’ll have to go back to the original … the for the sky try one of the Magic Wand tools (I think even PicMonkey has one) to isolate and create a softer sky without touching the lower portion of the photo … btw … how did your photo class go? Might like to remain after class and ask your instructor if he/she has any ideas.


        • Hi there 🙂
          Just a one time class, sadly … though I’ll take it again when he offers it again.

          Yup — for this one, when I added the sky/water, I erased the effect from the lower portion of the photo. There was so much “vintagifying” on the bottom portion of the photo that you can’t tell though! But next week will have to start from the original photo again. The more I look at the other edits the less I’m sure about them.

          Horrible headache tonight. Not sure what’s going on. 😛


        • Sorry about the headache – saw you had one the other evening too, hope it passes quickly … and sorry too that that was a one time class! Do you have a local community college that may offer courses for “old folks”?
          The edits you’ve done so far are very interesting … don’t knock ’em … but yes, I think you’ll have to go to the original to get a new perspective and above all recover the blues.


        • Well, the other day the headache was a stress headache from that “sinking” piece. This time I think it’s weather-related. Big rain storm tomorrow; high temps too. Yay!

          Closest community college is out of state which would make the class expensive. But I’m thinking nearby Wilson might have something in summer. Will keep my eyes peeled.

          The best part of that photo (after the wood grain) was the blue/bittersweet contrast. So … starting over next week! (But it’ll be fun.) 😉


        • Yes it should be fun and I’m sure you’ll come up with something great … I don’t know why but I just thought every place had a community college somewhere close … hopefully you’ll find something at Wilson.


        • I’m only a few miles from the Maxon-Dixon Line and Hagerstown. There’s Harrisburg, but that’s a hike. Gettysburg is kind of “iffy”.
          Besides, Wilson has some great places to photograph right on campus.


        • Beautiful little school — used to be one of the few all-women campuses around. Just switched to co-ed this year. Which is kind of sad, really. But … hard financial times you know.

          Liked by 1 person

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