37 thoughts on “a twitter (haiga)

  1. Apparently, I haven’t been a follower of BIOLI?! Pfft I most certainly was, unless WP decided to change things without telling me :O Well, the situation has been rectified!

    As I first scrolled down and saw the bold lettering I thought we were in pop art territory, a la ‘wham!’ Then I noticed the incongruous sparrow peeping out – a great spot from our illustrator 🙂

    And I must say, I love seeing our sparrows darting about the hedges and paths – they seem a very honest bunch, too…


    • Oh, I’d forgotten about this one! I love this haiga – (she said, forgetting to be humble) 😉
      It was strange – could hear all the peeping but couldn’t find the bird anywhere for the longest time.

      WP does this all the time — it’s very frustrating! Very glad you fixed it though! 🙂


        • 🙂
          It’s a sign for “Subway” – a sandwich chain over here. (Do you have Subways across the pond?)
          Let me know what you think of the new blog look, if you don’t mind. I’m messing around with things a bit. And tired of the name “Blog It Or Lose It”. 😛


        • I’m viewing the blog on my tablet, so I’m not sure if it’s displaying as fully – have you changed it to the girlgoyle look?

          But Blog It Or Lose It is a good name! Ah it’s part of my own blogging history; and other people’s, I’m sure. Why would you want to change it!?

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        • Yes, I changed it to the Girlgoyle look …. But I’m not sure if I like it or not…. Might end up changing it back. I like how Girlgoyle features photos and videos … But I don’t like the font options so much. Just a bit restless, I suppose. Might go back to the old name, too – it’s just that the name reflects a goal from 3 years ago … A much different outlook 🙂
          So … Not sure what I’ll do …. !


        • So the blog is now called ‘Paloma in Haiku’? Except that Paloma turns her hand to lots of other forms too, of course 😉

          I understand what you mean about changing goals, though. It doesn’t hurt to stay in touch with your roots, mind..


        • Well… for the time-being. I might switch back to Blog It Or Lose It. Not satisfied with the old name … but …. this name doesn’t really work either ….!

          Just a bit restless, you know?


        • I do know – the different perspective a holiday affords made me feel very restless indeed; not about my blog, but everything else!


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  3. How cool I didn’t see the sparrow until I read the ku! Sparrows are not welcome at our sidewalk caffès … they swoop down on your brioches and sandwiches …. a famous footballer (soccer player to you) did a testimonial for a famous brand of mineral water with a sparrow … people thought it was so cute .. and started feeding them at tables … until now they’ve become bold buggers when not thieves. But they’re still so cute …


    • Aren’t they adorable? And — YES! For all humankind’s achievements – nature will have the final say. 🙂
      At first I wasn’t so sure about this week’s color – then found this shot – one I’ve been hoping to use for a long, long time. So I’m VERY GLAD you chose this color! And it’s so much fun to look at one’s photos in a different light, you know? Such a fun challenge.

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