first flowers haiga

¿first flowers?
¿alien spores?
[puzzled by spring]


Linked to Carpe Diem #685: First Flowers of Spring, where Chèvrefeuille shares the following haiku with us:


on bare branches
yellow flowers of Forsythia –
Ah! that sweet perfume

between the last snow
the yellow flowers and green leaves
of a snow-crocus

(c) Chevrefeuille

No flowers here yet, sadly.  Just a lot of mud – and a hint of green here and there.

municipal park mud baseball field


25 thoughts on “first flowers (haiga)

    • I was thinking more like the green humanoid fingers of folks with head antenna – which would still be preferable to kudzu 😉

      All the best to you —


  1. Apparently spring in your part of the world is more puzzling this year than most years. Who knows what’s really going on?


    • That’s for sure! Did the first flower bed “assessment” yesterday — some things I remember (like these crocus) — but a few other things are quite questionable. o.O


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