Odilon Redon. The Apparition, n.d. WikiArt.

Odilon Redon. The Apparition, n.d. WikiArt.

night’s silhouettes
no fade – no release
just the bones of memories

Linked to Heeding Haiku with HA at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie, where this following video was our inspiration.   I was really struck by the segment that starts at 3:45.  


27 thoughts on “morning (tanka)

  1. Oo what is happening in Odilon’s painting? An apparition of what…?

    Again, I make a note that I’m due to try some experimental approaches of my own again (definitely!)

    This tanka might easily have been placed in the dungeon –
    ‘no fade – no release’
    The morning doesn’t seem to bring any real ‘light.’


    • Very mysterious painting, right?

      It’ll be great to see more of your experiments – they stop me dead in my tracks – and that’s what a haiku *should* do, right? Capture that moment — but if the reader just skims it and says “cool” and moves on — well, what then? So —looking forward to it!

      And on second reading — yes, no fade / no release is definitely dungeony (or dove-y?)


      • Dungeon, I think. I see the GG as dealing with the darker shuddery side while the Dove deals with the nicer shuddery side of things 😉

        Ah well, readers will always take what they want from a piece – I know I do!


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