3 11 2015 grackle flock 1

Born in a Sonoran winter
…..I am a bonfire lit on dry sand:
……….a beacon, a symbol, a sign –

Bowing at the purple mountains’ feet
…..I am a green and waving song
……….ripening amid the lowing cattle  –

Pressed between obscure and brittle pages
…..I am two words with green eyes
……….staring down these canyon walls –

Humbled, abused, and plucked
…..I am the dove with one wing
……….flying on the strength of my song –

I am the rustle of a hundred grackles’ wings –
……I am a wave rolling over unseen cables –
……….I am the strong thread in a worn tapestry –

I am alive –
…..I am singing –
………..I am here –

Linked to the Tale Weaver Prompt at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie, where Phylor is today’s host.  Our task was to write a “fictional autobiography”. 

This poem is based on events and situations in my life, and modeled after The Delight Song of Tsoai-talee, by N. Scott Momaday.  Some of these thoughts were born while walking this evening – in a funk – putting myself down – but gradually the dark thoughts turned into affirmations.

Please read The Delight Song of Tsoai-talee – you’ll like it.  Honest!


21 thoughts on “Paloma’s Delight Song (free verse)

  1. Well, you did a magnificent job of penning an autobiography, you really did. Even the fact that the poem was borne out of you ‘putting yourself down’ adds to its significance.

    My personal favourite line is:
    ‘I am two words with green eyes’
    – because it has a blend of imagery that’s abstract and matter of fact, which I always like 🙂 But there are so many wonderful lines here that have a real phoenix quality.

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  5. Magnificent … and you are all that an more! What a great poem to wake up to and cool form you’ve put together here … I’m so happy you got out of the funk .. and so sorry you were there in the first place. You are a beam of light … a shining star … an inspiration and a wonderful friend … and so much more!

    I just read this on my notifications from CC and thought you’d like to see it as you compiled our glossary:

    “Whoa, somehow I missed this before….thanks for this awesome glossary….I will have to come back here and spend some more time ‘studying’ this more closely 🙂 You MLMM people are all so awesome—thank you for all that you do to keep this site so interesting, informative and inspiring. I really appreciate your hard work and the amazing stuff you put out each and every day!!!”

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    • Thanks Georgia 🙂 — it’s modified from the Momaday format — and I chose the Choctaw song because there’s Choctaw on Dad’s side of the family. But anyway — some days the blues are smothering, you know? But this was a teeny tiny triumph — and thank you so much for being a great friend and for your encouragement! 😀

      Speaking of encouragement — what an *awesome* compliment from CC! Thanks for passing it along 🙂


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