last light haiga

last light
borne on the back of the fog –
and a deep silence

Carpe Diem: Deep Silence

Perhaps this post seems a bit morbid – but – I walked through the cemetery this evening (and night) – while an incredibly dense fog rolled in – and it was a remarkable experience.   Eerie at moments, peaceful at other moments. I can’t describe it; no photos can capture it.  But I had to try to share it – somehow –

cemetery fog 1

angel 2 original cemetery


26 thoughts on “last light (haiga)

  1. Oh I love the photo where the graves are glinting out of the fog – it’s so eerie it could easily be the opening scene of a horror movie [shudder!]

    I like how you use the deep silence here, so that the last light might be borne on that too. Or, if you make the 1st and 3rd switch, the deep silence is borne on the back of the fog…

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    • Thanks Blake — this is where I was really experimenting with PicMonkey — and oh, I miss that a lot. 😦
      I love this little cemetery —

      The fog and the silence were inseparable – so I’m glad you liked the format 🙂


      • Has PicMonkey finished??

        I’m not sure I’ve ever ‘loved’ a cemetery [shudder] although I do like strolling through my little churchyard with its old graves – very restful 🙂

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        • No, PicMonkey is still operating but I’ve done very little serious photo editing. Perhaps ‘love’ is a bit odd here – like very much is more appropriate. Because of that restfulness 🙂


  2. What a cool experience … I love walking in the dark at times .. but our cemeteries are just not the lovely parks the American ones are and you’ve captured that sensation so nicely in your haiku … my only regret is that the main photo on my computer comes up black … but I enjoyed looking at the others very much! The video the damp sound of the night was interesting.


    • It was wonderful to experience the fog rolling in — better going INTO the cemetery than coming OUT of the cemetery though. Going IN, I was walking towards the setting sun. Going OUT, it was dark-dark-dark. And eerie. So many tombstones with solar lights – thank goodness – but I was disturbing birds as they were roosting for the night — and the fluttering kept scaring the bajeebers out of me!!!

      Probably won’t linger this late again though – a bit unsafe.

      And yes — it was SO DAMP. A heaviness everywhere. I discovered lots of mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful in the dark. Gack!

      Still a good experience though 😉


      • lol .. mud-luscious puddles what a phrase! Here the cemeteries are little walled cities … with tiny lights everywhere and gravel pathways … the tombs are bordered too … there’s nothing eerie about an Italian cemetery. Quiet yes … eerie no.


        • More of that e.e. cummings — I’m squelching through the cemetery saying, “nope. not enjoying this mud-luscious, mr cummings. not at all!” 😉

          Interesting how the cemeteries vary – different mindsets, different traditions – I’d always thought the “Sergio Leone” style was a movie trope – until reading your blog!


        • Well … I’m not sure which Sergio Leone film your talking about, but yes … some of his cemeteries are actually an Italian trying to imagine an American cemetery.


        • The very end of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly — he has a brick wall, an inner courtyard that’s paved .. and I think some of his other movies too — there’s a feel that’s just “off” – for lack of a better term.

          Don’t know if you can see this or not — but here goes. He’s *close* — but — not quite. This is the world-famous three way showdown — check around 1:45.

          Poor Tuco.
          You know we lost Eli Wallach last year, right? He was in his late 90s.


        • Know … I didn’t know the Eli Wallach had passed away … wow in his late 90s … now that is a right honourable age!

          I thought you might be talking about this film … that’s no where in Italy though … that I know of .. it’s also our favourite scene in this movie … I love how he dragged the scene out with that music pulling you along … it was filmed in Spain .. it seems that it was ‘created’ for this film:


          “Leone was unable to find an actual cemetery for the Sad Hill shootout scene, so the Spanish pyrotechnics chief hired 250 Spanish soldiers to build the cemetery in Carazo near Salas de los Infantes, which they completed in two days.”


        • Those poor soldiers! What a job! A heck of a lot of work.
          I knew it was a created cemetery but was thinking it was in Italy for some reason. Sorry!

          And the music MAKES that scene, doesn’t it? Blake featured Ecstasy of Gold in one of his posts a while back. 🙂

          Thanks for the link! 😀


        • in the end it must have been quite a tale to tell their grand kids about! I actually thought it might have been filmed in Arizona or some such … No need to be sorry. I really have to catch up on reading I haven’t visited Blake in a long while!


        • No kidding — quite a tale!!
          Blake has had some wonderful posts on Books Cover2Cover — one that re-imagines Casablanca – you’d love it 🙂


  3. Love the sort of open end to leave the reader with a freedom of feeling or interjecting themselves into the moment. Great capture of the tension between eeriness and peace. Excellence as always.

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