16 thoughts on “overnight (haiku – haiga)

  1. I like the subtle way you hint at the ‘battle’ that has to take place as winter is finally forced to give up its hold.

    Clearly, spring arrived at last..but how is summer shaping up in Peeay now? Still a bit thundery? :-$


  2. I love the cheer and simplicity of your haiku. The photo is terrific too. So glad to hear spring is finally returning to the northern realms. I saw my first autumn leaf over here today.

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    • So odd to think of autumn elsewhere – with new life springing up here. I can imagine how awkward the haiku prompts must be for you sometimes!

      Thanks for the kind encouragement – it was great to see these little fellas finally 🙂

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      • Yes I do have a problem with some of the prompts. That’s my excuse for responding to so few of them – that and finding the time. It has nothing to do with lack of inspiration at all 🙂

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