3 am

3 a.m.
sipping my coffee
with the last star


Linked to Carpe Diem Sparkling Stars #20:  Kala Ramesh. 

Kala Ramesh is an Indian classical musician who has been writing haiku since 2005.  She compiled the first-ever ebook of haiku (and related forms) by 35 Indian poets.  Her work incorporates the famed Rasa Theory of India – including 9 emotions (nava rasas – “nine essences”) prevalent in Indian art:  eroticism, comedy, sorrow, anger, valor, fear, disgust, wonder, and tranquility.

For more background, visit Chèvrefeuille – or, this wonderful post by Bastet.

Here are two wonderful haiku by Kala Ramesh:

the child-like joy
seeing a star streak
a new moon sky


howling wind —
an autumn note within
the bamboo flute

And here are three haiku from Chèvrefeuille, inspired by Kala Ramesh:

a shooting star
draws a silvery line
against the black sky

spring breeze
directs the wind chimes
ah! that sweet sound

late summer night
a wind chime resonates through the night –
stars shine bright


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