drifting drifting haiga small

drifting … drifting
the leaf considers the branch
then keeps drifting

Linked to Carpe Diem Special #137:  Santoka Taneda’s “Walking Through” – which is an excellent example of using repetition in haiku to give it extra strength and emphasis.  

Fumi-wakeru hagi yo susuki yo

walking through
the bush clover, the pampas grass,
walking on through them

© Santoka Taneda (Tr. R.H. Blyth)

And here is Chevrefeuille’s haiku – using repetition.

again and again
the wind chime points me the way
to peace …. again

© Chèvrefeuille

conococheague creek with drifting leaves

27 thoughts on “drifting… drifting (haiga)

    • Thanks!
      This feels like ages ago … ages …
      Thinking of the circumstances and the day ….
      So glad you liked it …. i should revisit this technique too 🙂


      • March – that was ages ago.. I’m not the fastest reader of blog posts – I may even be the slowest! :S

        It’s good to keep a selection of techniques in one’s back pocket, hey, to pull out as the occasion demands 🙂


        • Well, like I said …. it’s great to review these posts long after the dust has settled – to see what *really* works …. so I’m not complaining at all! 😀


  1. Nice and you’ve caught Santoka Tenada’s spirit! Not to worry about the cataloguing, it’s a beautiful video and what is this video press? I’ve never seen it before.


    • Thanks Georgia! So glad you liked it 🙂

      Had a great visit to the Conococheague today — awesome water reflections. In some ways the bare branches are more lovely than the leafy ones. You get such STRIKING images on the water. Was watching old sycamore leaves drift along the creek — the hit snags — then pause — then sort of figure out which way they were going to go 🙂

      VideoPress. Ah yes, VideoPress. It’s another way for WP to suck the money right out of your wallet. 😛
      But it allows you a heck of a lot of freedom to add your own videos straight to WP instead of downloading them to YouTube and then embedding them in WP – which is a royal pain in the patoot.


      • I love to watch the leaves play in the river (Sarca) here too … something in common there … it’s such a relaxing serene feeling just to watch them …

        I’ve already got enough problems posting without paying for it too (can you imagine the scene) … though this is a great option .. the video was cool. I do have a YouTube (2) account … and it’s not really that hard to put things up, but I don’t really video enough for the WP option.


        • Maybe it’s just me being an idiot (wouldn’t be the first time!) but I have an awful time getting things posted to YouTube. Gack! And really, it’s not worth the money (VideoPress) unless you do it a lot. But I was all gung-ho at the time, blah blah blah. The extra storage? Worth it. Videos? Not so much.

          Which reminds me. I’m going to post more videos to get my money’s worth 😛

          Anyway. Yes – there’s something so peaceful about watching the leaves. And this video is from a “slow branch” – which acted completely differently from the couple-feet-away “fast branch” – which acted differently from the merged section… lots of videos to sort through, lots of different potential interpretations for haiku inspiration down the road 😉


        • As for YouTube … as I use Picasa and Picasa is Google and YouTube is Google … things just slip together. I was thinking for a while of going Royal .. as they say and then I started noticing that the Royal users had all the same problems I had … but they do have more space of course … which is becoming a sore point for me right now …


        • I’d say that if you have to sink your funds somewhere, the space is the way to do it. That storage disappears so quickly… it’s scary!!

          Had thought about going Picasa/ Google/ YouTube route but there’s this stubborn little voice inside that refuses to rely on one provider so much. I know, I know … stupid, stubborn … but … just an odd feeling about it, you know?


        • But … aren’t you relying on one provider now … with everything WP?

          And I know I should think about going royal for the space … I’m going to have to consider this …


        • You have to pay a la carte — a bit here, a bit there — and I pay once at BIOLI and once at GGB. They get you coming and going.

          From my experience though — the best thing is the space. Everything else is just frills.


        • OOPs … hit reply …

          I agree about the leaves … this video in particular is really cool and I enjoyed it very much.

          I can’t wait to see your future videos!


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