3 grand canyon lomo at 50 and 0

an echo of fire
skims the grass

Linked to the One Four Challenge at Robyn’s Fine Art, where our task is to take one image and edit it four different ways over four weeks.   This month I have been “reclaiming” an old, grainy (paper) photograph.   Also linked to Haiku Horizons: Skim.



1999 Grand Canyon Sunset 1 original

Deadwood at the Grand Canyon


1 grand canyon cropped and rotated

Edit One: Cropped and Rotated

That sharp skyline was bothersome so I cropped the photo at canyon ledge.  Then I realized that the photo was crooked – and rotated the image.


Unrocked and Grassboosted

Unrocked and Grass-boosted

My second favorite part of the photo was the wonderful pink-bittersweet grass at left.  So I added a lot more of it.  I also edited the curved branch a bit.  Hey, my fantasy, my impression, right?  Picture me using the clone tool using Bob Ross’s voice:  “and here is some lovely happy grass on the canyon ledge where it lives …”


Lomo at 50 / 0

Lomo at 50 / 0

Bammo!  Here’s what it looks like with the Lomo tool set at 50/0.  Drama, baby!

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55 thoughts on “echo of fire (haiku / photo edit)

  1. I do like the “echo of fire” – it brings together so many senses, so succinctly, with sound, touch (heat) and sight; which makes it perfect for haiku, of course 🙂


    • Awesome! Thanks Blake!
      I miss doing these photo editing posts too ..
      sigh ….
      sheesh … i’ve given up a lot lately!

      I wasn’t so sure about Echo of Fire, if I recall correctly … good to know it worked 😉

      BTW — WP has decided not to make my old blog template work correctly anymore. SO….. I’m fooling around trying to find one that works. Rrrrrr……Sorry … it has to be making your reading process difficult. I’m glad you’re being patient

      Hugs —


    • Oh, Celestine! Thank you so much! I’m not so sure about ‘perfection’ but your encouragement has me blushing a bit 🙂
      All the best to you 🙂


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