19 thoughts on “how strange (haiga)

  1. Again, the wonderful precision of your addition of words to image is so enjoyable in itself.

    And you haven’t been haiga-ing of late? Well, I’ve been immensely entertained by your extensive March batch 😉

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  2. Having grown up with the smaller windmills I find them quite nostalgic. A few are still functioning but most are decorative these days. Love the photo. Our power is supplied to the grid by wind farms.


    • There *is* something comforting about the sight, isn’t there? Even if they’re “chust for pretty” 🙂
      Glad you liked it 🙂

      I wish we had more wind farms around here … alas, the closest one is in the Laurel Highlands … between here and Pittsburgh.


    • Have wanted to use this photo for AGES. Ages!

      The poor old windmill never works. A showpiece at the local park, sadly. It creaks, it moans, but never runs. Too bad, too.

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