A reblog for your enjoyment — Happy St. Patrick’s Day — 😀

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in the railroad cut /
where Irish immigrants toiled – /
tall emerald ferns //

6 28 2014 fuzzy foliage in june

Today we took a ride on the Northern Central Railway at Steam into History.  In the steep railroad cuts – and all over the hills and valleys – there were deep, lush walls of ferns and gorgeous, soft greenery.  It seems that the folks from the Emerald Isle left a bit of their heart behind while they were laboring on the railway – laboring, it turns out, in areas where there were signs saying “Irish Not Welcome”.  How sad that so much of our history was built with the sweat and suffering of people we wrongly despised.  How little things change – we simply substitute one group for another. 

If you ever get the chance to ride the Northern Central Railway – please do!  It’s a gorgeous ride and full of history…

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6 thoughts on “In the Railroad Cut (Haiku)

  1. Having just returned from Dublin, this got me a little misty eyed, I must say 😉

    While I was over there I saw this Dubliners’ performance for the first time – have you seen the Octopus Jig?

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    • Wow …. we couldn’t have timed this more perfectly if we had tried!
      Hadn’t seen the Octopus Jig before — thanks for sharing it — it is great fun!!!! I love it! 😀

      Now _that_ is multi-tasking!


      • I’m sure other bands might have “multi-tasked” the instruments that play a song, but it takes an Irish band to finish up by downing a pint of beer 🙂


        • Exactly! Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain does a great job … but … alas … they have yet to down a pint at any performance ,as far as I know!


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