saucer at the nat guard 2 color

lookit! lookit!
beyond that government fence –
git yer cam’ra, Marge!
a tale of conspiracy
fifteen minutes long

A bit of silliness based on a conversation with Sue Blake about silly “alien conspiracy” television shows.  And — as requested — here is some Patrick Stewart to accompany the post. Ask and ye shall receive!

3 17 2015 flying saucer light in sky 2


3 17 2015 no trespassing sign fence barb wire 3


saucer at the nat guard 2 color

OR —

saucer at the national guard 1 bw


43 thoughts on “lookit! (kyoka)

  1. That photo looks mighty believable to me… Are you sure you didn’t actually shoot the image at the top of this post, but then THEY made you believe that you had shot just a fence and a lamp post? You know, with their brain probes and the like? :S

    And Patrick Stewart – yay, he’ll save us!

    My only minor objection to this post was the unaccountable use of the word “silly” in the line ‘silly “alien conspiracy” television shows’ :O


    • Objection to word “silly” is duly noted! But I HAD to put that word in there — lest the government think I’m serious and send agents in sunglasses to visit my house at 3 AM! o.O

      {Sneaky, sneaky, right?} 😀

      But … um … wait … now that I think about it … um … hmmm… that evening IS a bit foggy … :O


      • I think it was you who told me months ago about the guy who was under surveillance, his mail being intercepted; so, wanting to have his back garden dug up, and not wanting to go to the trouble himself, he wrote to his wife discussing the secrets they had buried there – at which, the feds promptly dug the garden for him. Genius! (not the feds..)

        Well, the chances are that the evening in question was bound to have been either foggy or snowy, right? 😦

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oh, that was Utah Phillips! You remember that?! Awesome! 😀

          But yes… Sadly… Always foggy or snowy these days….! The fog I don’t mind so much… Hmmm… So whatever the govt is pumping into that fog must be good stuff 😉


  2. Funny … and how often have we seen this! And I really like how you got your illustration for this post! Lovely trailer, thought I was expecting to hear THE Man’s voice … that must be some documentary … Great post Jen.


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