20 thoughts on “in granite (haiga)

  1. Clever,,,,It looks like fossilized trails from the killer huge dinosaur snails that roamed the earth in the time of Walt Disney:)
    As always your imagination is firing:) Liked it !


  2. Cool … could be snail slime! In Italy, we call slugs snails too btw … I take that back (just Googled), seems people confuse the two different species one is a chioccola and it has a shell the oter is lumacca which is what everyone calls them both … And Arlo Guthrie! I love Alice’s Restaurant …


    • Glad you liked the post!

      Oh, I LOVE Arlo — he’s such a wonderful storyteller! Alice’s Restaurant is a blast. Played it for the kiddo last summer and he thought it was a riot too – even though he didn’t quite understand the context of the ending he still appreciated it.

      This is a bit long — but — have you heard it? At first it seems a bit silly — but wait till he gets into his story. (Hope you can download it o.O)


    • Don’t feel bad — no, it’s just large stones at the park that are streaked all white and multi-colored 🙂
      We hardly ever see snails around here. Lots of slugs though. 🙂

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