15 thoughts on “potter’s field (haiku)

  1. Oh how sad … what a terrible place … your haiga is gut wrenching … how could we ever let a place like that fall so much into degradation. Well written and perfect choice of music.


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  3. Well, I certainly see what you mean about a sad experience – what a pitiful scene. I also understand when you say you wanted to ‘work it out’ at once. It does help – a little.

    As for the haiku, it seems so understated at first glance, until you reread the word ‘heaves’, which is expertly chosen.


    • Thanks Suzanne —

      This is one time I had to stop right where I was and write it — immediately — then polish it at home. Such a sad sight — unbelievably sad — such disrepair — such forgottenness — so many lost stories — and all of it in the middle of a busy, busy place.

      And the ones with names are the lucky ones, I guess. So many indentations – unmarked. Some that just have a number. One with just a first name.

      Sorry to ramble. But this was a Gettysburg sort of feeling, you know?


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