rain in the park 1

rain in the park 2

Linked to Carpe Diem #692: Mud Snail – where our host has shared the following haiku to inspire us:


verandah flower–
making a skillful turn
a snail

Yosa Buson:

a few remain uncaught
under the evening moon


sode yogosuran tanishi no ama no hima o nami

with dirty sleeves
farmers-turned-fishermen pick up mud snails
ever so busy


slowly, but slowly
the mud-snail finds its way
after the heavy rains

9 7 2014 rock texture 4a

Pretend you see snails, ok?

Another version

← ◊→

27 thoughts on “rain in the park (haiga)

  1. You have no snails?! Our summer turned into a soaking sub tropical autumn today and the snails were out in force, wearing fetching swirly black and yellow shells 🙂

    I like the ‘quartz’ haiku best because that word brings such a vivid visual with it.


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