23 thoughts on “palomas negras (tanka)

  1. I really can’t comment on the Spanish version, apart from saying that the words look really nice and are fun to say (badly) 🙂

    But I like the English version a lot – at one time this might have appeared in the dungeon, perhaps? It certainly has a vaguely sinister air about it – I seem to picture a semi-penitent witch, surveying the cost of her magic…

    And an extraordinary performance, song-wise – what a lucky YT find! I did say “Paloma” would serve you well 😉


    • Yes — you DID urge me to embrace Paloma — and I thank you! You were right — I’ve *become* Paloma. 😀

      Hadn’t thought of this as sinister – but that’s one of the awesome things about haiku and tanka if you leave them open-ended, you know? But yes – this *would* have been a dungeon poem not too long ago. 🙂

      Thanks Blake 😀


      • Hooray! I did think you would get comfortable in the name after a while. It suits you and your writing nicely 🙂

        And yes, one of my favourite elements of haiku is all the space it leaves for people to read into what they will – perfect for dungeony themes, hey.


        • Thank you for encouraging me — “youza bestest”! 😀

          And yes — those mysterious, open-ended haiku / tanka are the best. It’s one of the things I like about *your* writing. More than a frog in a pond — which is exquisite, don’t get me wrong — but haiku seems BUILT to embrace mystery in all its shades – dark, light, hopeful, despairing. Of course, many of our fellow haijin would disagree! (Harumph!) 😉


        • I really do think that haiku is a “design classic” in how amenable it is to opening out the meaning of what is written down. It would seem a shame not to use that – but then, that’s an element that I find naturally appealing, anyway. And other people might find it naturally unappealing, I suppose. Hey, remember all the tutting at Basho’s idea of “lightness” – even Basho! Ah! those haijin.. 😉

          (Some top-notch harumphing there btw, Jen)


        • How can I resist an appropriately-timed harumph? LOL

          It’s funny – looking at the variety of haiku voices even within the CDHK family – and you can see the philosophies at work after a while, too. 🙂


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