helloing at gloaming

Linked to Carpe Diem Writing Techniques #12, where I am giving you a double-dose of onomatopoeia!  Both in the haiga – and in the accompanying song by Lila Downs (“Cucurrucucú Paloma”).  

¡El pobrecito!   Listen to the dove sing at 3:30.  Onomatopoeia!  And don’t you love the shawl wings?

Lila Downs also sings “Paloma Negra” – which broke my heart.    I’d heard her in Me Corazon Me Recuerda – but after these songs she’s even better.  😉

8 27 2014 mourning dove 4

45 thoughts on “helloing at gloaming (haiga)

  1. This haiga is a lovely little ‘symphony in blue’, echoing the blues of that dove…

    In other news – Twitter has suspended my account, not letting me tweet BIOLI posts any more… well! A bit harsh, no? :S


    • Thanks Blake — this is one of my favorites – more for personal reasons than technical merit though —- so I’m glad you enjoyed the onomatopoeia 🙂

      But …. Whaaaaaa!? What’s up with Twitter? Today it reminded me to follow some of the sites you also follow. Twitter sounds a bit confused….!


      • And then, when I try to ‘unsuspend’ the account I get a message: You are currently logged in to an account that is neither suspended nor locked – ?!?!

        Btw as I followed the link to this post again I just realised how good a title is ‘helloing at gloaming’ 🙂


        • That is really bizarre ….!!!! It’s like your account has landed in some sort of alternative reality that needs Morgan Freeman as a narrator! 😛

          But — thank you! I kinda like “helloing at gloaming” too. 😀


    • No kidding!!! Thanks for sharing this! It’s very cool. I ran the lyrics through Google translate and that didn’t help very much. It seems like he’s grieving lost love — and a whole lot more too????

      And — thank you very much 🙂


      • Na … lost youth. He’s reflecting on his adolescence. This one is my favourite (and it’s very short):

        He’s a very particular person and writes little in English .. mostly Italian but some of his work is translated into German, Spanish or French … he’s actually a quite a poet.


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