17 thoughts on “mass exodus (haiga)

  1. I’m glad to see that your ducks are as brazen as ours! Although they don’t seem to like apple, which was all I had to share one lunchtime at the lake – the ducks went to take a bite but then let it float away with undisguised disappointment… at which, a moor hen nipped across the water, grabbed the slice of apple and munched away 🙂

    Surely, you still write unprompted haiku, though, if even if you don’t always get around to posting them? I have so many I need to ‘write up’ from my phone…


    • LOL! Sounds familiar! Healthy food doesn’t go so well with our ducks either.

      In the last few months I’ve done very few unprompted haiku. But … I think that will change soon. Long story … But I wrapped up something huge and painful this week. (And am feeling peace and something close to freedom.)

      We *both* need to write our unfinished haiku. I’d love to see some more of your work. You have come so far!


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