fifty grackles

3 21 2015 trunk silhouette 2

Linked to Carpe Diem #693: Chess Game.   This haiku is based on an event that happened this evening – which I recalled upon chatting with Blake.  Thank you for rescuing this image from my sieve-like brain!  Also – the haiga are a bit “experimental” – just having fun.  🙂 

fifty grackles
mob the best lookout –


fifty grackles –
the hawk considers his move


26 thoughts on “fifty grackles (haiga)

  1. Oh I really like how inventive you’ve become with your haiga 🙂 The slightly eerie twilight tint and the text along the tree-trunk are both very effective, I think. I also like the “jazzy” experimentation. Haven’t Chev’s posts about writing techniques had a long-lasting, stimulating effect?

    In other news… I’m quite glad that I was too tired to visit here yesterday because on my journeys today I spied two little birds – one with a bright orangey red face and bright yellow wings, the other slightly green and singing beautifully. With a little online research I’m now pretty sure these were a Goldfinch and a Greenfinch, and I must admit I’m quite pleased by my first haiku-inspired attempts at getting a better understanding of my local wildlife 😀

    Now for those pesky flowers……….


    • Thanks Blake 🙂 You’re quite right – there are several techniques I never would have thought of – never would have tried – if it hadn’t been for Chev’s “technique” series. So you like the trunk-text then? I wasn’t too sure about that one.

      And – how LUCKY you were to see those birds! I’ve always wanted to see the European goldfinch — what a handsome fellow! The greenfinch looks a bit like the female American goldfinch.

      Getting to know your flowers will be *quite* a challenge though! I tend to use my own made-up names – but that isn’t always effective. (http://carpediemhaikukaiforum.blogspot.nl/2014/05/a-question-by-jen-of-blog-it-or-lose-it.html).

      Thanks for the kind encouragement 😀


      • Absolutely, me too. And my attempt at “pushing boundaries” in my latest post was a result of reading a couple of your “jazzy” haiku and haiga recently and deciding I needed some experimenting of my own happening again 🙂

        Indeed, what I like more and more about your haiga is that they aren’t simply an image with text slapped on top, each haiga is a “performance” in itself – if you see what I mean? 😉 And the presentation of that text is a case in point.

        And he certainly was a handsome fellow! I was startled by all that colour flashing by, so I stopped to watch where he alighted on the branch – we stared at each other a bit till I think he felt self-conscious at my admiration and fluttered off.


        • Having a bit of a giggle here – imagining the bird sitting there, clearing its throat: “[Ahem.] I say, sir! This attention is *quite* unwarranted and uncomfortable! Harumph!” (What’s the finch equivalent of “harumph”? Maybe a loud, sharp “PIP!”) 😀

          I loved the jazzy dragonfly — the formatting really WORKED — and I’ve seen so many cases where it *doesn’t* work. I think the key was that the haiku worked with or without the formatting – the formatting was the icing on the cake.

          And thanks for the kind encouragement here — I felt like saying, “Yes! YES!” really loudly — because you’ve said *exactly* what I try to do with each haiga. Each part should contribute to the whole statement, you know? The haiku, the composition of the photo, the choice/ placement of text, the colors used, any photo editing, and so on. So — THANK YOU 😀


        • Yes, there was a pause – one of those pauses that lasts just a little too long – followed by a throat-clearing “chirrup!” And then gone… But hopefully he’ll be back 🙂

          Well, if I’ve correctly understood the intentions you have for your haiga it must be a sign that they’re delivering what you hope for – so a round of applause for your hard work and your talent! 😀


        • I hope he comes back too!
          And hey — you have a great haiku in your comments here — ready to be polished — into something “Issa-y”! 😉

          [bowing in the applause]


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