March branches tanka haiga 2

Yeah, yeah.  Another Palomasong.  BUT.  I wanted a DIFFERENT song for this post.  Something new.  So I Googled “songs about freedom” and found this song.  Perky, huh?  

Yeah, it’s a bit cheesy.  But it’s appropriate to the tanka:  “Una Paloma Blanca.  I’m just a bird in the sky. Over the mountains I fly.  No one can take my freedom away.”  

Brace yourself.  More Palomasongs to follow, without a doubt. And hey, if you know any good ones, send ’em along. (Expect Julio Iglesias, by the way.)  

March branches tanka haiga

Darker version

march branches –
drinking the evening
and then the stars!
you see the fences –
i see the world beyond

3 26 2015 branches 1



6 thoughts on “March branches (tanka)

  1. Sadly, I don’t know any ‘Paloma’ songs 😦
    Hey, didn’t Julio record with Willie Nelson?? Just saying…

    Such a wild, trippy image for the haiga, and then you scroll down to the original reality… all shades of bluey grey. Like a metaphor for the power of the imagination, full stop 🙂


  2. Yuck … I don’t like Julio Inglesias! This is a great song!

    and paloma sings
    cucurrucucú ….at night
    as the stars dance free
    who can keep her down-trodden
    she’s got the sun in her heart


    • Well — FORTUNATELY I discovered that many, many, MANY people sang the same tune – a Latin folk song – so you MIGHT be spared. 😉

      What a wonderful tanka, Georgia!!!

      roosting at dusk
      with her head under her wing
      she dreams


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