winter begs of spring haiga

For Heeding Haiku with HA:

Winter begs of Spring:
just one more poem!
… and it snows…

HA wanted to know what spring’s been like here.   So far? Grey.

3 26 2015 eerie sky clouds 3

Well, we’ll just use our imagination, right?

pretty sky


20 thoughts on “winter begs of spring (haiga)

  1. As I read about Peeay struggling into spring, MK seems to be hurtling into autumn at a rate of knots… sheesh! Hopefully, I’ll be reading your sweltering summer posts over winter as a virtual antidote of sorts 😉

    If only you could Picmonkey the real weather so easily…


    • Autumn is gaining speed here, too, it seems … still in the 80s, but there’s a “feel” in the air. Intangible … but the geese are moving and the cicadas are slowing, and the crickets sing a bit less. But – plenty of summer heat headed your way — with all those summer hikes at Caledonia! 🙂

      Never did find that unicorn button in PicMonkey …. 😉


    • Ayup. It snowed. Not a lot. Just flurries here; about an hour away there was enough to cover the ground. Again.
      Sort of like winter giving us the finger as it slinks out the door, you know? 😛

      Glad you liked the haiga — I couldn’t bear the thought of making another dreary gray photo into a “feature photo” again. If PicMonkey had an “add unicorns” button I’d’ve used that too 😉



      • LOL … that is one cool image … old man winter flipping the bird, as it were 😉

        Too bad about the unicorns .. that would have been great, still I’m glad you could figure a way to brighten your feature page!


        • Will HAVE to work on that unicorn problem! 😉

          Was thinking about that bird-flipping image on the way home. Stopped on the sidewalk and emailed it to myself! Was thinking of March as an obnoxious teenager that knows what he’s supposed to do – but he does it when he darn well WANTS to do it — and you have a sneaking suspicion that he flipped you the bird when you weren’t watching — but you can’t prove it! 😛

          Was so cold on the evening walk that I ended up with a windburned face. Uck.
          But — muggy summer will be here soon enough, right?


        • Oooo … windburn hurts … March definitely has the feel of the adolescent about it for sure! And yes, when muggy summer has us in its grips, we’ll turn of the record to side two and start singing that old song 🙂


        • We’ll be posting pictures from this winter — saying, “ah, those good old days!” LOL

          And yes. The windburn *hurt* — for a full day too! Was feeling sort of “consistently feverish” — if that makes sense? Uck.


        • Oh yes … we really will.

          I’ve had windburn and I know it’s no fun at all. And yes, it makes a lot of sense that feverish feeling. Glad you’re over it now! And that’s why I wore a sky mask in Alaska btw … there it could get even worse and from windburn to frostbite it was a mere matter of seconds.


        • After about five minutes I should have turned around and gotten a scarf (don’t have a ski mask!) —
          Very scary to live in such a harsh environment. Yikes!


        • Yes .. that happens here .. ’bout froze my bottom off the other morning … it was hot walking in the sun, so I took my hoody off – then the wind came up and a big dark cloud …


    • Thanks, Greg 🙂
      We were talking about that same thing this evening — it’s not the worst winter ever, but it feels like the longest winter ever!!!


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