39 thoughts on “oh, the shame! (haiga)

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  2. Oh she looks rascally here – albeit with a definite ok-let’s-get-this-over-with tilt of the head 🙂

    But…you didn’t have matching coats? Ah I think that was a missed opportunity – imagine the haiga that photo would make! 😀

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    • LOL!!!

      It was actually the least offensive coat available at the time, honest!

      [But that doesn’t excuse her Halloween outfit… ahem….]

      Thanks for dropping in Jazzbumpa!


    • Five dogs? When you get home from work it must get pretty loud with all the “helloing” and “i missed you-ing”! 😉

      We needed to do this for Farf because when her coat was trimmed, she would shiver terribly. BUT when her coat was long it would get nasty. (Oh! Is that something stinky? Let me roll in it!)

      Quite the dilemma! She was very stubborn about it. 😛

      Thanks Dom 🙂


  3. Thank heavens Pee has three legs – the chances of her ever wearing a coat are skim, unless I customed it in some way…..by the way – she is the one thanking the heavens. She would hate wearing a coat. I did try putting a tshirt on her before taking her out during the subzero temps – but she sat down. 55lbs of refusal – dead weight refusal. So, I had to take it off for her to budge. She will let me put blankets on her – she is 10 now and the body doesn’t process heat like it used to and there is the arthritis……she is becoming an old curmudgeon. ☺️


    • Aw, poor old Pee! At 55 pounds there would be no way to work with her. Yikes! Another year or two and she may change her mind though.

      Farf used to *hate* wearing a coat. First few times she sat down, too. Then she acted like her back legs didn’t work – would pull herself by her front two legs! Total refusal. BUT – she couldn’t handle the cold when her coat was short. SO. Eventually, as she got older, she gave in.

      Not without giving me the old stink eye though!
      I miss that too.

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        • Yes, February 12th. It was a long, drawn out illness. But – at 15- she had a good life. The decision to put her to sleep was tough – but she was ready.

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        • I am so very, very sorry. I have had to make this decision in the past and it was devastating. Thank God Bill was here when I did – unfortunately, any future decisions (no time soon, I hope) will most probably have to be made by me – by myself. I dread it. xxxxxxx


        • Thanks Kim. Seeing how peacefully (and quickly) she passed — we just *knew* we’d done the right thing. But the day had such an real feel to it.

          Hopefully, though, Pee has many good years ahead! Such a sweetie 🙂


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