it's spring ivy haiga

tut-tut ivy

Linked to Carpe Diem #695, where “Fashionista” was our prompt.  The first haiku seems to be the “better” of the two – but I like the second more.  So you get two for one.  

And now, here’s a brief musical interlude from some fellas who have a style all their own.  😉

it’s spring, ivy!
you’re hopelessly uncool
in winter wingtips!

tut-tut, ivy!
those wingtips
are SO last season!

3 28 2015 windburned ivy


16 thoughts on “tut-tut / it’s spring (haiga)

  1. This reminds me that the first haiku I posted was in response to a prompt of yours at CDHK about pop culture – and my haiku was about listening to ZZ Top 🙂

    And only you could link leaves and fashionistas!


  2. Might as well have fun with this prompt, which you did, because it’s almost impossible (for me, at least) to work with. No “fashionista” haiku from me yet. Still struggling to come up with something. So, good for you, Jen! (Poor ivy!) 😉


    • Thanks Mark 🙂
      Yes, this one had me scratching my head, too — thank goodness for a (pleasant) surprise from Mother Nature!
      You’ll find that inspiration yet – and it’ll be a completely unexpected angle – which is one of the things I like so much about your haiku. 🙂


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