in apology

Yes, Willie Nelson is one of my guilty pleasures. 
No, Mother Nature doesn’t apologize for nuthin’.
The photo op was just too good to “unblogged”.  

And, aw heck, this song is next on the YouTube playlist.  
Best Willie Ever!   So you get two for one.  


3 29 2015 gargoyle and crocus 1


14 thoughts on “in apology (haiga)

  1. I assumed you must have added the flower to that precise location, but no? It really does look like a bouquet being offered, so sweetly 🙂

    And some top-notch Willie Nelson makes for perfect late night listening (which is what it was). Thanks, Jen!


      • For me. it’s still ‘Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain’ but both of these are beauts.

        Hey when nature decides to stage a photo op, she really nails it 😉


        • She sure does! I have another photo on the blog somewhere: a seedling popped up next to a gargoyle (who happens to be holding his head like he has a headache). Looks like he’s saying, “oh, the ‘purty’ — it hurts!” LOL

          Blue Eyes is fantastic too 🙂


        • Ah perhaps the gargoyle in question had a heavy night (I imagine gargoyles must go about roistering like there’s no tomorrow when the mood takes them!) and nature was just a little brighter than strictly necessary – poor guy :S

          I’ll keep an eye out for the photo in question – it sounds ROFL-worthy 🙂


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