lincoln highway haiga april

Linked to Carpe Diem Time Machine #7, where we are revisiting December 2012, at which time Yosa Buson was the featured haiku poet.  Buson was a magnificent artist as well as a haiku poet.


Yosa Buson.  A Little Cuckoo Across a Hydrangea.

Yosa Buson. A Little Cuckoo Across a Hydrangea.


furumichito kikeba yukashiki yukino shita

“An ancient road,” they say
How charming
Though beneath this snow.

© Yosa Buson (1782)


And here are several haiku from our host Chèvrefeuille: 

following his trail
on a journey through the world
to find ourselves

on a journey
seeking for ancient knowledge
deep inside myself

seeking the path
walking the ‘Narrow Road’
in deep silence

© Chèvrefeuille

On another note, please forgive me if the next few responses are less elaborate than normal – as I am trying to catch up.

Lincoln Highway in Pennsylvania


6 thoughts on “Lincoln Highway (Haiga)

  1. I love the slightly abstract quality of the image – it could almost be a montage. Together with the haiku it presents a kind of history of that American ‘frontier spirit’ – very Kerouac, in fact 🙂


    • Hey — “very Kerouac” is a fine compliment — so thank you! In looking back, it really *is* an odd image though, isn’t it? Still — it’s interesting and holds up well. 🙂


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