41 thoughts on “perhaps unwisely (haiga)

  1. Agreed – watching a thunderstorm at night is really quite hypnotic. And I haven’t heard Grateful Dead in ages – this is lovely, isn’t it? I might have to hunt them out again… 🙂

    Btw is there such a thing as an upside down tanka?

    everything smooth and straight
    accepts the texture of spring
    moving in colors
    from mauve to stark white
    under the rain

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    • Oh, very cool — we’ll call it a “modern tanka” — it does work pretty well, doesn’t it? Good eye!

      Box of Rain and Ripple are two of my favorite GD songs — had to incorporate them *somewhere*. And they appear again in a haibun – about a month after this post. 🙂

      Had some more thunderstorms tonight — so this is timely! 🙂


      • I remember Ripple but this song came as a lovely surprise 🙂

        Here we’ve actually had 2 predominantly sunny days! Now the weekend’s here and… the rain’s due. At least the thunder should break the yucky heat you’ve had, a little?


        • We’re having a cool spell now — and it is GREAT — in the 70s! I’m so glad that thunder hit — yay!!!
          But seriously — you’re getting rain for the weekend? That is so unfair! 😛


  2. Being from Vancouver, Canada, I can relate. Now living in Brazil, and in the city that has the most thunderstorms (I think) in the country, they can certainly cause some excitement, can’t they?


  3. Yes – you always have to be true to Paloma.

    My lovely wife is a great fan of thunder storms.

    We don’t get a lot of white skies here,
    but it can be grey and overcast for days on end .



    • Thanks Jazzbumpa 🙂
      Those long stretches of gray days really sap a person’s energy! But a good thunderstorm? Great stuff!!! 😀
      All the best to you both —


  4. No kidding?!? Wow – you amaze me -consistently – with your life experiences! Oh! I can hardly wait to read about that one!!!

    I’m not sure which site you’d choose for the post – so please – if you don’t see me around – send the link, okay?
    Thanks for the encouragement here. I was a bit uncertain about posting this at first – but it felt “true to Paloma” and had to be done, you know?

    All the best —


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